Person-to-Person Transfer FAQs

What is the cost to send money from one MyCash wallet to another?

We have waived fees associated with sending money between MyCash wallets. This means you can now send money to any active MyCash customer at no charge!

How long will this free send money offer last?

We have waived fees on send money transactions between July 15, 2020 and October 15, 2020.

How long does it take for the receiver to be able to access the funds?

When you send money to other active MyCash customers, the funds are instantly available in the receiver’s wallet. You will receive a confirmation that the transfer has been successful and the receiver will also get a text message once the funds have been applied to his/her MyCash wallet.

Can I send money to other solutions or wallets?

You can only send money from your MyCash wallet to other active MyCash wallets.

How do I confirm that a send money transaction has been successful?

As the sender, you will receive a confirmation that the transaction has been successfully completed and the receiver will also get a SMS message once the funds have been received.

How do I conduct a send money transaction?

You can send money instantly to another MyCash wallet by following these simple steps:

  • Log into your MyCash wallet from the MyCash app
  • Click the ‘send money’ button on the Summary page
  • Enter the phone number of the MyCash wallet you would like to transfer funds to
  • Enter the amount you would like to send in the ‘send amount’ field
  • Select your source of funds from the dropdown menu
  • Select the purpose of the transfer from the dropdown menu then click ‘Next’
  • Review the transaction details then confirm by clicking ‘Send’
  • Scan your fingerprint/face or enter your password to complete the transaction